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Poros is an island of 31.000sq.m., inhabited by approximately 4.000 people. It took its name from the narrow passage (“poros” means “passage”) between the island and the mainland (Peloponnese). It is situated about 32 nautical miles south of the lively harbor of Piraeus, major harbor of Greece, making it a favourite destination for Athenians. It consists of 2 islands since antiquity. The ancient names of these islands are Sfairia and Calavria.
Sfairia is the smaller island in comparison, but the one mostly inhabited. Sfairia is a rock, probably the result of a volcanic eruption of the nearby volcano of Methana. The clock tower, symbol of the island, was built in 1927, on top of the hill and offers an excellent panoramic view. The archeological museum of Poros, houses findings from the excavations on Poros island, as well as from the regions of Trizina and Methana, also places of great archeological interest. East of Poros, just a few metres away, we find the islet of Bourtzi, with remainings of a castle, built in 1827, by a Bavarian named Eidek, protecting the island.
The island of Calavria (its name means “good aura”), is much larger than Sfairia and completely covered with pine trees. Just across the little canal which separates the island in 2, Synikismos was built to host the refugees coming from Asia Minor.
On the southeast of Calavria, we find the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi (which means “source of life”). At the west side of Calavria, we meet the Russian Bay, where the remainings of warehouses used by the Russian fleet after Greek revolution, are still standing
Roads from both Russian Bay or just before the Monastery, will take you to the back side of Calavria. In the north, the remainings of the Temple of Poseidon are still to be seen. Unfortunately, not much is still standing from the Temple, as a lot of stones were used for later constructions. From the temple the view is captivating, overlooking the beach of Vayionia (which was the ancient harbor of Poros), Methana, the islands of Angistri and Egina and as far as the harbor of Piraeus.
At a distance of 10 klms from Galatas the beautiful village of Trizina is located, which has a great history. It dates back to 1260b.c., when the reign of King Pitheas, grandfather of Theseus, started. During his reign, Trizina got highly developped and great monuments were constructed, like the temples of godesses Athina and Afroditi, the sanctuary of Hippolytus and the Asklipieion, ruins of which are still to be seen. There is also a big rock, known as “the rock of Theseus”, which is believed to be the one Theseus lifted to find his father’s sandals and sword hidden under it. Apart from the ancient sites, other places of interest are the ruins of a Byzantine episcopal church built in the 11th century and the Devil’s Bridge, a place of unique natural beauty. It is a bridge over a canyon with fresh running water. Some marks on the rock which look like goat footprints, gave the bridge its name, since legend says the devil had crossed the bridge.
The peninsula of Methana is 20km from Galatas. It is considered to be the result of a volcanic eruption and got its name from “methane”, a chemical substance, product of volcanic activity. There are 30 craters to be found here, the most important is the crater of Kameni Chora, its last eruption took place in 276b.c.

The biggest advantage of Poros island is its geographical position, which gives the visitor the possibility of doing multiple one-day excursions to nearby places of great interest. The ancient theatre of Epidaurus, the archaelogical site of Mycenae, the cosy town of Nafplio, ancient Corinth and the breathtaking Corinth canal are places of great interest to those who admire ancient and classic Greece. A one-day cruise to one of the closeby islands of Aegina, Hydra and Spetses is a must.




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