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History, Mythology

Sferia got its name from Sferos, son of the god Hermes. Sferos helped Pelopas, (who gave his name to Peloponnese), to beat King Pisas in a chariot race, and marry his daughter, Ippodamia. Pelopas killed him afterwards, suspecting Sferos had an interest in Ippodamia as well. To honour him, his name was given to the volcanic islet the city of Poros is situated nowadays.

At the end of Hysteroelladic period, there was limited presence of Dryopes, at the place where in later days a city was formed around the temple of Poseidon. At the rocky islet of Modi, east of Poros, there was a powerfull Mycenean naval base. On the 8th century b.c., a temple dedicated to Poseidon was built in Calavria, which in the 7th century b.c. became the centre of a nautical, political and religious confederacy, whose members were among others the cities of Athens, Egina, Epidaurus and Nafplio. In 323 b.c., the Athenians were beaten by the Macedonians and Dimosthenis, the famous orator, seeked sanctuary at the temple of Poseidon, where he committed suicide chased by the enemy. In 1830, the first Naval base of the independent Greek state was established in Poros, which today houses a training camp of the Greek Navy.


Δωμάτια Αλκυόνη - Επίδαυρος
Δωμάτια Αλκυόνη - Αρχαία Τροιζινία


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