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Beaches, Watersports

Apart from Askeli beach there are plenty of other beaches on the island. Leaving Askeli, the road will bring us to the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi. Below the monastery, there is the omonymous beach, with crystal clear water. Sandy outside, pebbles in the beginning and sand further inside, its deep water is ideal for snorkeling and fishing.

From Synikismos, where you can find Canali beach, towards Neorio the road will take you across some of the island's most beautiful beaches: Mikro Neorio, Megalo Neorio, the idyllic Love Bay, and the picturesque Russian Bay, where the remainings of warehouses used by the Russian fleet after Greek revolution, are still standing.
On the north of Calavria, below the ruins of the temple of Poseidon, lies the isolated bay of Vayionia in a beautiful gulf. Unfortunately, you will need your own transportation to reach it.

There are two sea sports centers on Poros, one in Askeli, which can offer water-ski, banana, rings, windsurf, sailing, kayak and parasailing and one in Megalo Neorio, which specialises in water-ski. Apart from that, the local sports club can offer lessons upon request. There is also a sailing school in town. Scuba diving fans will not be disappointed, as a scuba dive school in Askeli can offer magical underwater experiences and PADI lessons. The clear deep water of the sea around Poros, is perfect for fishing and snorkeling.



Δωμάτιο Αλκυόνη - Λιμανάκη της Αγάπης

Δωμάτια Αλκυόνη - Ρωσικός Ναύσταθμος

Δωμάτια Αλκυόνη - Θαλάσσια σπορ


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