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View from Alkyoni rooms Alkyoni rooms' reception

Alkyoni rooms
(Halcyon or King fisher)
The colourful fishing bird Halcyon or King fisher (Alkyoni in Greek), which can be found around Poros island, has given its name to our rooms. Behind that name, there is a beautiful myth about a couple whose love for each other was famous. The woman was called Alkioni and the man Kyikas. One day Kyikas went out fishing on a rough sea, despite Alkyonis’ objections. Unfortunately, he drowned and Alkyoni who saw everything, jumped off the cliff to kill herself because she couldn’t bare living without him. The Gods, feeling sorry for them, turned them into beautiful birds and named them after Alkyoni.


Alkyoni tripple room Alkyoni rooms' classic van

The rooms, services
Alkyoni lies just 3klms from Poros town and its harbor, 200 meters from Askeli beach, in a peaceful and green environment.

It consists of 20 rooms that can comfortably accomodate up to 4 persons, all equipped with a/c-heating, t.v., fridge, kettle for coffee or tea, hair-dryer, mini-safe and a balcony.

We offer daily cleaning, while there is free wi-fi internet access in the rooms.

In the reception there is a pc with internet connection for our clients, while fax and laundry services are also available. Free parking space is provided. We accept credit cards.

For more information please contact the reception (open from 08:00 until 22:00).

Alkyoni rooms  •  tel./fax : +30 22980 23880  •  Askeli, Poros Island   •  Τ.Κ. 18020 - Τ.Θ. 74  •  website :  •  email :


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Alkyoni rooms, 180 20 Askeli, Poros  •  tel: +30 22980 23880, +30 6970808246  •  email: design & implementation